Etiqe Men’s Golf Shirt (Polo) and Compression Vest – Performance Set Review

Etiqe Men's Golf Shirt (Polo) and Compression Vest - Performance Set

  • Improve your golf swing speed with this TWO PIECE SET – compression vest and polo shirt
  • GLIDE technology allows fabric to move with your body ELIMINATING RESTRICTION from your swing
  • Compression vest provides CORE AND BACK MUSCLE SUPPORT to give the feeling of a STRONGER AND FREER SWING
  • Made of lightweight breathable glide fabric for maximum comfort and UNRESTRICTED movement no matter how many layers you wear
  • REGULAR FIT Polo tailored to your torso to “look tucked in” for a perfect clubhouse etiquette and fit – see our MEASURING GUIDE IMAGE for more info

Logic No1 Etiqe design difference. Many apparel layers are involved in your golf swing – since they are in contact with each other when you swing they should be designed to swing with your swing as an apparel golf swing system

Logic No2 The Etiqe Polo: if your polo looks tucked in but it’s not it will swing with you making you feel and experience greater freedom. Etiquette for the club house and performance for the golf course

Logic No3 Etiqe Compression:If your core and back are supported you will feel stronger. Golf is played in your mind: Feeling stronger and freer are the key pre-shot positive influences you need to play your best

Logic No4 Glide fabric: Etiqe apparel layers are woven to be slippery in the direction of the golf swing – with Etiqe apparel the more layers you wear the less fabric resistance you experience-great for golf days were you know you will need multiple layers

Logic No5 You can wear without notice an untucked glide fabric Etiqe shirt under your Etiqe glide fabric sweater maximising comfort and rotational freedom

Logic No6 Support innovation: In this world of consumer awareness of ethical influences on how products are made it is here you have the opportunity to add to your buying ethics the moral code of supporting the inventor the source of the passion.

REGULAR FIT apparel made with fabric glide technology. Please see our MEASURING GUIDE IMAGE with size chart for fitting instructions.

Polo Measurement:
– Short Torso – Vertical measurement (top button to belt)18 inches to 19 7/8 inches
– Regular Torso – Vertical measurement 20 inches to 21 7/8 inches
– Long Torso – Vertical measurement 22 inches to 24 inches

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